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East Central Junior High Students Reflect on the Fall Semester

As we near the end of the semester, students at East Central Junior High got the opportunity to reflect on the school year so far.

“I’ve learned a lot about how to write equations and expressions and if/then statements. I’ve learned a lot about the geography of the planet. I’ve learned a lot about clarinet. I can now read the notes without having write them down and play them,” said Maria.

Maria, 7th Grade

“I’ve learned pre-algebra. I’ve learned about different religions and cultures.  I’ve learned about some literature, like poetry and Edgar Allen Poe,” said Derriona.

Derriona, 7th Grade

For David and Luis, their favorite subject was science.

“We learn new stuff every single day,” said David. “I didn’t know when plates move, they start earthquakes.”


David, 7th Grade

“I like experimenting and doing things with chemicals and reactions,” said Luis.


Luis, 7th Grade

Other students said they learned about kinetic energy and magnets. Kimberlyn said her favorite subject is math.

“Because math is involved in everything,” she said.

Kimberlyn, 8th Grade

Maria also spent her semester helping her fellow students.

“I’ve made a lot of connections with people and help them grow. I always try to stop their negativity. A lot of times they can be negative towards themselves. I try to help them with their self-love,” she said.

Luis said he was thankful for his teachers.

“They’ve been there for me every day when down or happy or anything,” he said.

With the help of those awesome teachers, all the students spent the last four months learning, growing, and expanding their horizons.

“It’s important to learn because you’re going to need it in the future if you want to be a good person and have a good job,” said Merlyn.

Merlyn, 7th Grade

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