East Central Junior High School

Uniform Policy



  • ­  Short or long sleeved red, black or white polo style knit shirts
  • ­  Short or long sleeved white oxford shirts
  • ­  White camp shirt for girls
  • ­  Crew neck sweatshirts in black (a polo, oxford, or turtleneck worn underneath with the collar visible)
  • ­  Red, white or black turtlenecks (must be worn underneath the polo shirt


*         Shirts/sweatshirts containing ANY writing may not be worn.

*         Only solid white, black, red  or gray undershirts no stripes or logos

*         A red school hoodie is available for purchase.  This will be the only allowed hoodie.


  • ­  Khaki or black pants (pleated or flat front) – no cargos (no exterior pockets)
  • ­  Khaki or black walking shorts (below fingertips)
  • ­  Khaki or black capris
  • ­  Khaki or black pleated skirt (below fingertips)
  • ­  Khaki  or black skort (below fingertips)


*         No denim material allowed.

*         No stretch knit pants (tight fitting).

*         Pants and shorts must be properly fitted.  Waistbands are to be fitted to the waist.  Pants will not be allowed to sag or be tucked into socks.

*         Pants must not flare at the bottom to an unsafe width. No fringed hems, ripped or torn clothing.

*         Only brown, black or white belts. They can be solid or braided. No belts with messages.

*         Solid black or white leggings may be worn ONLY with skirts.

Students are to be in proper uniform at all times while on campus, inclusive of arrival through departure.

Hair cannot be distracting and should not be spiked more than 2” in length.  Natural colors only.

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