Contact School
Address: 12121 East 21st Street 
                Tulsa, OK 74129

School Phone: 918-746-9501

School Fax: 918-746-9519
For Reporting A Student Absence: 
   Call 918-746-9502   
For Contacting A Teacher:
  1. Dial 918-746-9501
  2. Ask for the teacher by name
  3. If the teacher is not available, leave a message on their voice mail.
  4. E-mail teachers by going to staff directory, click on the department, then their name.

Enrolling your Student


The following students must enroll at the Enrollment Center:

1. Students who are new to the district,

2. Students who were not enrolled on the last day of school 

3.Students who have moved out of their assigned school boundary without an approved transfer

The following students DO NOT need to enroll at the Enrollment Center:

1. Students promoted from one school site to another

2. Students promoted to the next grade level at the same school

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